procure him some great pleasure

procure him some great pleasure

except to obtain some advantage

The Berry  is in France  a rich area of Celtic and  Gallo-Roman history. With their ruins .
 Les Turaux, the name of this family country house  refers to a small hill crisscrossed by several roadways one of
which was Roman.
 Véreaux, the name of this village, is of Celtic origin and comes from ‘La Vesra’ meaning ‘spring’, ‘water’.
This french cottage had 4 springs which provided water for a pond, which no longer exists, a watermillhouse and
two wash houses one of which is in the park.
  This  french manor was a former hunting meeting point in the 18 th and 19 th centuries and was completely self-
supporting with its vineyard,  17 th century cellars and press, wash house, stables, 400 niches in the  dovecoat and
one farm which has been restored and transformed into .family

The manor was inhabited over 200 years ago by one of Marie-Hélène’s ancestors: Sidonie Augier, who was the

grand daughter of General Augier, Napoleon’s camp help  and one of the first "préfets" of the main  town of
   Her successors played important roles in local government in the municipalities of Sancoins and Véreaux. town
and villages of Berry

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